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Option 1:  Basic grey: Broomed or smooth Finish -  $7.50 per linear foot.

Option 2: Colored concrete: ​Broomed or smooth Finished $9.00 per linear foot.

Option 3: Colored and Textured: $10.00 per linear foot.

Option 4:  Stamped,Colored and Textured: $12.00 per linear foot.

Option 5: Premium install: $15.00 per  linear foot.

Includes: Stamped,colored, textured,steel reinforcement, and 2 coats of sealant. All Prep and removal of Debris off of site.

Option 6:  Belgium Block:$18.00 per linear foot.

Option 7: Slate Stone:  $17.00 per linear foot.

Ground Preparation: If necessary will include one 12" swath of sod approx 1.5 " depth for the curb to sit in- $1.50 per foot

Old edging and rock removed $2.00 per foot.

Debris Hauling: up to a 6 cubic yard load - $250.00.

Extra Sealent: $50.00 per 200' if applied your self. 

Applied by DC Curbing $125.00.

24" walkway: Starting at $19.00 per sq foot installed on a 

compacted 4" road crush base. (Ground prep as per quoted)

Some conditions may apply

There is a minimum 60' Charge

Curb Installation cost:

Your DIY Estimate should give you a close approximation at where the cost will be. Some variables may come into play.

Basic rock choice: ( field rock, river rock, alberta rainbow rock, washed rock,pee gravel) $4.00 per square foot

Decorative Rock:(Rundle, limestone,Lava, shale, Rip Rap)

From $4.75 per square foot

Specialty Rock: (Okanagan Peach, Alberta Rust, Purple Sparkle, Kootney Valley)

From $7.25 per Square foot

Or as per Quoted:

5oz heavy weed barrier included in all rock installations.

Some conditions may apply

Park mulch: $2.75 per Square foot

Foothills Premium: $3.00 per Square foot

Cedar Mulch: $ 4.00 per Square foot

Dyed mulch: $ 3.75 per Square foot

Rubber Mulch: starting from $4.50 per Square foot

Optional 2oz weed barrier: $0.50 per Square foot

Ground Preperation: From $2.25 per Square foot

​Or as per quoted:

Ground Cover Installations:

Step one:Mark out your lines with spray paint (out side edge). To help you spray your line you can use a garden hose to achive the desired curve. If this is to difficult  the out line can be sprayed out by us on the day of install. Keep in mind that real tight curves and straight lines are more difficult to do, try to avoid them in your design.

Step two:Measure liner footage. This can be done with a flexible tape measure, or you can use one stride which will be approximately 3 feet. DC Curbing will measure accuratly with a measuring wheel and you will only be charged the actual foot installed.

Step Three:Choose your profile,colour and patterns/textures. If you have a couple patterns in mind the decision can be made on the morning of the install, if you see one that you like, take a picture and send it to us. The colour will need to be decided before install.

Step Four:Any ground prep work needed? We need a minimum 9" wide and 1.5" depth swath with a consistent typography (level) channel for the curb to sit in. Add the total of feet into the prep work box, below.  Some conditions may apply. For example, surfacing tree roots, irrigation heads that need to be moved. Will add to the cost of the ground prep. If no prep work is needed leave it blank.

Step Five: Times the total feet of curb by the option you have chosen. Then times the total feet by the prep work cost. option five is the best value.

For Example: 100 liner feet x $15 (option 5) = Total $1500.00

Example 2:100 liner feet x $10 (option 3) =$1000.00

                    100 liner feet of prep x 1.50=$150.00

                     Debris hauled away $250.00

                                                              Total $ 1400.00

 We are owner operators and we spend most of our time on the site doing the installs. Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day and the more time we can spend on site decreases wait times for you. This year we are offering a 10% discount just on the concrete curbing installs. DC Curbing will pass the savings on to you if we can avoid the initial meeting. We have a easy to understand pricing list, which should make it easy for you to fill out the form below and summit it.  This will apply for people that  know what they want and can measure the linear footage accurately and can be home at the time of install, as we will not install the curb untill the layout is approved. This can be done (in most cases) on the morning of installation.

Do your own Estimate


Save 10% on Curbing installs​.

Basic installation: From $1850.00

(includes ground prep, reservoir dug and ground cover to tie into existing bed area.)

Optional up Grades:

Indepentent Automatic fill valve: From $500.00

Automatic Fill valve plumbed into existing irrigation: From $275.00

Lighting package: Starting @ $600.00 ( includes,photo cell transformer  12v wiring, 2 brass waterproof  high  powerd LED bulbs.) Extra Lights are from $100.00 each.

The Bubbler rocks: prices vary from size,weight,Length of cored. An average sized rock will range from $600.00 to $1000.00 (The bubbler rock is not included  in the installation cost)

Some conditions may apply

Bubbling Rock Fountains Installs: 

Landscaping in Leduc

Decorative Concrete Curbing
Page: https://www.dccurbing.ca/Price.html DC Curbing-Cost-Decorative Concrete Curbing,Bubbling rocks

The 10% discount will be applied at the time of invoicing.