Quick curb in Leduc

Landscaping in Leduc

Option 1:  Basic grey: Broomed or smooth Finish -  $11.00 per linear foot.

Option 2: Colored concrete: ​Broomed or smooth Finished $12.00 per linear foot.

Option 3: Colored and Textured: $15.00 per linear foot.

Option 4:  Stamped,Colored and Textured: $17.00 per linear foot.

Option 5: Premium install: $20.00 per  linear foot.

Includes: Stamped,colored, textured,steel reinforcement, and 2 coats of sealant. All Prep and removal of Debris off of site.

Option 6:  Belgium Block:$18.00 per linear foot.

Option 7: Slate Stone:  $17.00 per linear foot.

Ground Preparation: If necessary will include one 12" swath of sod approx 1.5 " depth for the curb to sit in- $1.50 per foot

Old edging and rock removed $2.00 per foot.

Debris Hauling: up to a 6 cubic yard load - $350.00.

Extra Sealent: $125.00 per 200'

Some conditions may apply

There is a minimum 60' Charge

Curb Installation cost:

Landscaping in Leduc

Basic installation: From $2850.00

(includes ground prep, reservoir dug and ground cover to tie into existing bed area.)

Optional up Grades:

Independent Automatic fill valve: From $500.00

Automatic Fill valve plumbed into existing irrigation: From $275.00

Lighting package: Starting @ $800.00 ( includes, photo cell transformer  12v wiring, 2 brass waterproof  high powered LED bulbs.) Extra Lights are from $150.00 each.

The Bubbler rocks: prices vary from size, weight, length of cored. An average sized rock will range from $600.00 to $1000.00 (The bubbler rock is not included  in the installation cost)

Some conditions may apply

Ground Cover Installations:

Page: https://www.dccurbing.ca/Price.html DC Curbing-Cost-Decorative Concrete Curbing,Bubbling rocks

Bubbling Rock Fountains Installs: 

Decorative Concrete Curbing

Park mulch: $2.75 per Square foot

Foothills Premium: $3.00 per Square foot

Cedar Mulch: $ 4.00 per Square foot

Dyed mulch: $ 3.75 per Square foot

Rubber Mulch: starting from $4.50 per Square foot

Optional 5oz weed barrier: $0.50 per Square foot

Ground Preperation: From $2.25 per Square foot

​Or as per quoted:

Basic rock choice: ( field rock, river rock, alberta rainbow rock, washed rock,pee gravel) $5.25 per square foot

Decorative Rock:(Rundle, limestone,Lava, shale, Rip Rap)

From $5.50 per square foot

Specialty Rock: (Okanagan Peach, Alberta Rust, Purple Sparkle, Kootney Valley)

From $7.25 per Square foot

Or as per Quoted:

5oz heavy weed barrier included in all rock installations.

Some conditions may apply