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Decorative Concrete Curbing

Q: Is curbing Strong and durable?

A: Curbing is an excellent landscape border solution because of the materials used to create it. Concrete is an extremely durable product, used in virtually all construction applications and climates. Fibre-mesh, (also an additive) acts like rebar to strengthen the curbing, as well as an innovative CurbCabling System. As the curb is extruded, 1/8" braided galvanized wire cable is fed into the centre to add even more strength. Instead of replacing rotten wooden railway ties, or cracked, black plastic edging every couple of years, you can install concrete curbing and enjoy it for as long as you own your home, particularly if you opt to re-seal it every  year.

Q: Will the curbing crack?

A: We experience very little cracking however concrete does crack over time. We take every precaution to limit the cracking and try to control it with expansion joints. If a crack occurs outside of the joint, we will be happy to repair your curbing. Please keep in mind in most cases the repair is worse than a tiny crack. It is extreamly hard to match the exact same colour the second time, having a two tone curb will stand out much more than a small crack.

Q: How long does installation typically take?

A: Most residential curbing installations take just one day! The crew arrives first thing in the morning to prepare the bed, and begins to mix the cement on site. Customer-provided access to power and water is recommended. By the end of the day, the curbing job is typically complete, and your property value-enhancing landscaping will be ready for display! Best of all, other than the beautiful new curbing we've left behind, you won't even know we were there!

Q: How effective is this Concrete Curb at keeping out grass?

A: Extruded concrete curbing has a proven track record at preventing sod from entering your landscape beds. Your constant (losing) fight to keep sod out of your flower beds ends now thanks to this invention. You also will not have weeds growing in between this edging since it is all one continuous piece, nor can the sod grow under it if it is prepared correctly. There are a few different molds (shapes) to choose from. The most common is “slant” & “mower” style. With our machine, both molds have a minimum 4” heights in back and 2” on front. The curb is actually 6” wide. Our molds are designed high enough to keep sod from growing through it, and also high enough on the back to retain your bed covering, such as mulch. As long as your area is prepared properly and your grass clippings do not go into your flower bed, you will not have creeping sod in your flower bed area any longer!

Q: What is the process for colouring and texturizing the curb?

A: DC Curbing uses integral colour mixture, which means that powdered colour is mixed right into the drum along with cement and sand at the time of installation. As for patterns, we create these looks by applying specialty stamps and rollers immediately after the poured and still-wet curb has been hand-trowelled for smoothness. For a final original look, we can also add "antiquing agents" to the surface in the form of additional powdered colouring tossed by hand. The resulting uneven shading and highlights effectively emulate the look of various natural stone products and brickwork which typically possess a multitude of beautiful hues.

Q: Can children or pets damage the curb?

A: The concrete curb is very vulnerable during the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours of installation. It is imperative to keep guests, children, and pets away from the curb for the first few days. In addition, many homeowners have irrigation systems which need to be turned off the day before our arrival and not turned back on until two days after installation. If the curb is damaged from any type of force we can fix the curb, however there will be an additional fee for this service.

After the first few days, the curb is strong enough that animals and children cannot hurt the curb if they step on it. It is OK to rake your bed covering back into place a few days after installation, just make sure the curb does not take a direct hit from any tools. It is best to wait a few weeks before you begin any major replanting or changes to your bed area. Keep in mind, do not allow anyone to dig underneath the curb, or run over the curb with a vehicle. Your curb is only as good as its foundation, and it is not designed to be run over by a vehicle.


Q: What about frost and ground movement?

A: The benefit of our concrete curbing is that is a continuous piece of concrete. Individual blocks or bricks will shift over time and in the winter. Our curb is fibermesh reinforced which is designed to take the place of rebar or steel and adds strength to the curb. We place control/expansion joints every 3 feet and are cut about 40% into the curb. This is designed to control the cracking of the curb during shifting periods and colder months. If the curb should crack, it should crack in the expansion joint and not be noticeable.

Q: Are we insured?

A:  yes all DC Curbing employees are Insured under WCB

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