The Concrete Curb:

A concrete curb is a continuous edger, it has no breaks or seams. There is many different patterns, textures and colours that can be used. Decorative edging is mainly used for residential applications to separate garden beds from lawn area's, and paving stone area's. It is a great weed barrier and can be used as a mowers edge which will help reduce the use of a trimmer. It is clean and will make any yard stand out form the rest. You can customize  the design to match your homes exterior.


Ground Cover:

Once the beds have been created and seperated form the turf, the ground cover can range from open soil to rock. Most cases people choose a lower maintenance choice, such as various types of mulch. Mulch can act  like a weed barrier, is cost effective, and comes in different colours and textures. Using rock for a ground cover can be very attractive and last for years. Different types and size of rock can be used together to add colour and textures. All rock ground cover comes with a commercial weed barrier fabric.


Bubbler Rock:

A bubbler rock is a rock that has been cored, to alow water to flow through it, so the water can cascade down. The water circulates from a reservoir beneath it. A bubbler rock can be added to most beds front and back yards, and is a popular choice for a water feature, because of cost and they are very easy to maintain,extremely low maintenance compaired to ponds and waterfalls.

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Once your bed has been created, finish it with many different kinds rock and mulches

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